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Beginning a School Road Race Team

CalvinM13CalvinM13 Posts: 3
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So I have been thinking about starting a race team at my school but I have a few questions first.
1) How fast do high school kids (15-18) average on races? and how many miles are these races?
2) How many people are usually on a team?
3) and what other information do you think I need?

thank you :D


  • nhojnhoj Posts: 129
    First, I think you need to watch Breaking Away.
  • Kids races aren't that fast on paper, but a good quality youth race can be quite brutal. Lots of dead corners and sprinting out of bends, so the avg will be fairly low. They are generally around an hour long, and tend to be on closed circuits ie Preston Arena Hog Hill Hillingdon etc.
    And in youth races team work doesn't come into it as much, it can play a part if your properly organised but its rarely the case. I've only ever seen it work effectively with Simon and Adam Yates, and they are pretty handy riders so would have both been up there regardless.
  • giropaulgiropaul Posts: 414

    British Schools Cycling Association
  • Ok thanks guys!
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