New Campag Rear Mech

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I've just fitted a new Campag rear mech (Xenon 9 speed). I have managed to get to sit nicely on the small cog without the need for the limiter screw. It appears to move nicely through the gears apart from one mid gear where it is taking two 'clicks' to change, but the upshot of that is that it will not move onto the biggest cog. I appear to have 'used up' all of my gear cable getting onto the second gear and it will not go any further.

Is there anything I may have done wrong that would cause this ?



  • Sounds like the cable is too slack and you need to increase the tension. Aslo use the limit screw to make sure it goes on the smallest sprocket but not over, or in other words tighten it until it wants to move and release a bit...

    As for the indexing, you always start from the middle sprocket, making sure it's aligned with the pulley cage...
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    Could be a few things.

    First, make sure the gear hanger is straight.

    Second, is the cassette and chain new or were they already on the bike? If either is worn, it could cause an issue. If the cassette has been off of the bike and stripped, are you sure the spacers went back on in the right place? I'm not sure about 9 speed but 10 speed have different width spacers between different sprockets as the sprockets themselves are shaped individually. Might be worth checking...

    For setting up, unhook the cable from the rear mech and set it up as per the campag technical manual word for word. Make sure you follow the instructions for hooking up the cable as if you put the cable on the wrong side of the clamp, the effective cable pull will be altered - and that will cause a similar jump to what you have.

    Can't find the manual for 9 speed, but the setup should be the same as per the 10 speed: