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Gear shifters 7speed :(

tooorangey4crowstooorangey4crows Posts: 48
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Okay all, hope I can get some help here as have a red run trail (Llandegla) organised for Sunday... so, picture the scene, went to Llandegla to complete the blue run ( :oops: gimmie a break, friends first time!) last weekend and before I even got strap the bikes onto the back of the car I fall down the stairs with my Specialized Hardrock DISC 2011 (what you get for carrying upside down I suppose) and basically f**ked the right hand gear shifter. Now I didn't know this at the time but my gears/chain is already sliping all over the place so coupled with the busted shifter and the fantastic weather on Sunday (-3 and frost/snow) it was a nightmare, so basically my gears are wrecked, thus gonna remove the Shimano Altus 7Sp rapid fire lever pod and replace it like for like at first, easy job???

Now, as the young dude from the repair centre at Llandegla essentially said my gear shifters where cheap and nasty, not really meant for that kinda action I though about replacing them as I am keen on replacing any factory fitted parts, hence the Wellgos replaced with DMR's and tyres with 2.25 Nobby Nics...

Phew! SO, my question is this what should I replace the Shimano Altus 7Sp's with? from looking around 7Sp seems to be very much 'old hat' and I found it quite hard to find anything reasonable at all, only some SRAM's and they are incompatible right? they shift a different amount of mm from each other yea?

So, here's some links...
Have ... FgQ8gIwAQ#
Get? ... x3-trigger / ... t-ec019691
Decent? and with BRAKES??? ... F8Q8wIwAw#

As always, any assistance greatly appreciated, I'm in the dark here!
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