Pressures on Manitou Minute Forks

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I have just got myself a Cube LTD Pro, and am not quite sure what I am meant to be setting the pressures at on the forks. They are 100mm Manitou Minute LTD, Air Assist Forks.

I understood that air forks run on very high pressures and you needed a shock pump to adjust rather than a standard tyre pump. However there is a sticker on the forks that says the recommended pressures based on rider weight and they are quite low pressures. Havent got the bike infront of my now, so cant remember exactly, but the pressures they recommend are around 20-50psi.
Is it just that some types of forks run on much lower pressures than others? Presumably I wouldnt then need a shock pump to adjust my forks?

Do I actually need to do any adjustment at this stage or should I just do a few rides and then see if I feel anything needs adjusting?

Thanks for any help!


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    Use the sticker as a guide only, set your sag at 20%-25% of your forks total travel. set rebound at around 1/3 to 1/2 initially and see how it feels.
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  • It's an air assist fork, ie a coil spring and an air one to tune the rate.

    As above, set the pressure to 20-30% sag as per taste, but use a shock pump for repeatability and accuracy.
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    you may not even need any air.
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    Thanks for the replies.

    I must admit I didnt realise initially that the forks had a spring in. I guess its the forks that dont have springs at all that run a higher air pressures?

    I think Ill leave it as is for now and see how its feels after a few rides