Lever Tavel on Hydraulic Brakes

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So I've went and got some 2nd hand hydraulics (formula oro k18). Got them fitted in a jiffy but left the rotors I had on the wheels and I noticed the travel for the front brake to be a little on the excessive side. I put this down to air in the system so bled them last night and still no change.

Has anyone any ideas on how I can reduce this travel or live with it?



  • jefflad
    jefflad Posts: 315
    Actually just found something on their website... It advises adjusting a screw, looked for one yesterday but didn't see anything :-/

    I'll inspect tonight and update if still lost!
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    The adjustment on the lever is probably reach adjust.

    Some brakes it can take a while for them to settle in and the pistons to stay out, elastic banding the lever back to the bars overnight can help

    Bleeding should be last not first resort.

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    Just tweaked the screws and they're great now... tried tieing the levers back overnight but didn't alter anything or at least my mars bar fingers noticed!