Shmano freehub body

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I wondered if anyone knew of hand what freehub body I would need for my Shimano R550 wheel? Also are they easy to fit?


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    SJS show as in stock even if a couple of quid dearer. LBS should be able to get them in easy enough

    Never changed one on a Shimano wheel but generally a pretty simple job - 10 mins or so
  • Thank you very much. LBS says can't get hold of one till 6th March. Thought about trying myself.
  • Wirral_paul
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    jockyfoost wrote:
    Thank you very much. LBS says can't get hold of one till 6th March. Thought about trying myself.

    Go for it - nothing too much to worry about if you follow the instructions. Just check the wheel for lateral play at the rim when you're done and the QR is tightened back up.
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    Easy enough with the correct tools; I took mine off out of curiosity...

    Chain whip and cassette tool / spanner to get the cassette off, cone spanners to remove the cones* / bearings / rear axle, then a 10mm allen key or hex bit to remove the tubular nut that secures the freehub body.

    Bit of grease for reassembly. Trickiest bit is getting the cones adjusted just right on reassembly; tiny bit of play with the wheel out of the frame, so that it's spot on when the QR is tightened up.

    *just take the cone + locknut off one side and slide the axle out, making sure you catch the bearings. Remember which side you took off. That way on reassembly the axle will be centred as it was prior to dismantling.
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    You will find that many Shimano freehub bodies are interchangeable, if you're in 8/9/10sp fit steel hub body territory (i.e. not fancy titanium Dura Ace).

    Have a look at the exploded views on the Shimano tech docs site and just check that it's the same fitting between the hub and the body.

    It's sometimes considerably cheaper to buy a whole rear hub than the hub body
    - I bought a new-old-stock Tiagra 4400 hub for ~£10 and took the one off that for my R550's a couple of years ago
    - and more recently I got a STX hub from eBay for £4-odd, so have the hub from that as a ready spare