Cycling with a cold

Sy Hollinshead
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OK, so i have a stinking cold and sore throat at the moment, but i'm dying to get out on my bike.

So does cycling in this very cold weather have any adverse affects on a cold. Will i feel worse the next day....?
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  • supersonic
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    Light exercise with a cold can be beneficial, but the cold can cause even more mucus production.

    Exercising with a flu or ches infection - avoid, and rest up!

    Just don't overdo it! Be careful with some cold medications as they can make you drowsy (ie anti histamine based), or if contain decongentants like pseudoephedrine, raise blood pressure and constrict arteries.
  • Dont do it , I leaned the hard way.

    Had a bit of a cold but nothing major (so I thought).
    Wrapped up and did a 20mile blast.
    Felt great on retunring home until about 2hrs later when I started feeling very cold and sore.
    Spent the next 2 days in bed with Flu

    When you have a cold your body is telling you you need to recover not exert yourself.
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  • bennett_346
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    Very much as above, been there done that suffered the week of bed riddenness. Granted an extreme scenario but i was barely ill at all when i set off! Ended up crawling home feeling like i was having a hernia.