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On-One Inbred stolen from York

RogerWRogerW Posts: 6
edited August 2013 in MTB stolen
A pair of utter ****s stole this bike from my garage in York at approximately 21:30 yesterday (9/2/12)

Frame: On-One Inbred. White, some areas repainted with Hammerite (brush strokes may be visible). Paint chip up against headset (which is an FSA Pig). Inner tube cable tied to right chainstay as cover (obviously may have been removed).
Forks: On-One rigid chromoly. New.
Drive train: singlespeed with chain tensioner ("Doofer")
Wheels: SRAM 26" MTB
Tyres: Schwalbe Big Apple
Brakes: Avid single-digit V brakes
Saddle: Madison Flux
Pedals: "Fattie's Flatties" in black (not as shown in picture)
Bars & Stem: Kooka
Cranks: XCT V3
Mudguards: Crud catcher front, similar rear


  • check ebay and gumtree innit. or the friday ad
  • Thanks, I'm already doing that. I've also taken flyers to all the local bike and pawn shops.
  • Hope you get it back, I'm in York too and also got my bike stolen from school. I know the censored that stole it and he was caught on CCTV but the police still didn't bother to do anything about it.
    DMR Trailstar
  • RogerWRogerW Posts: 6
    Thanks Ollie. No sign of it yet, and I'm not sure the police are doing much either.
    I've invested in Datatags for my other bikes, and better garage security (anyone with a Henderson up-and-over style door, don't think it's secure without modification).
  • RogerWRogerW Posts: 6
    This bike has now been recovered (minus the wheels). I found it on eBay, informed the police, and they picked it up a few days later.
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