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knee pain

tjfatboytjfatboy Posts: 2
Can anyone help with this problem?I regularly go on 25/30 mile offroad rides and have recently started getting pains behind my left knee cap just behind the cap on the outer edge,it starts when the going gets a bit tough like either a big hill or thick mud / snow,i ride a hard tail with flat peddals,any ideas?


  • this could be a number of things but my guys would be your seat might be a little too far forward.
  • RushmoreRushmore Posts: 674
    simon2490 wrote:
    this could be a number of things but my guys would be your seat might be a little too far forward.

    or too low....

    Best thing to do is see your GP if it persists..

    He can refer you to a physio who will be able to help you with exercises to help prevent it in the future..
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  • I was having pains in a similar area of my left knee, and never went to a doctor to get it checked out. Kept riding for months ignoring the pain, and eventually it got to the point after about 1km of light pedal turning I was in alot of pain. Turns out from an old motorcycle accident a few years ago the bands in the back of knee had stretched and were hanging, causing the pain when pedaling.

    I hate doctors with a passion, but I highly recommend them. If an x-ray doesn't show anything, try to get an MRI of the knee, as my injuries didn't show up in an xray, and most of the doctors they sent me to thought I was just wasting time, unless I managed to get a MRI approved by my insurance, then the story changed.
  • RanklesRankles Posts: 144
    Hi mate, I have this problem too and am seeing a physio this weekend about it. I have a feeling it's 'runners knee' which you can google but I'll let you know.

    Outside of the knee, low down and deep. You can't press anywhere to feel it, it's just deep in the joint.

    And once it comes on it hurts for a day or so.
  • i too am suffering with the left knee, but NOT when riding. its always fine whilst im out but starts to ache later on and does so for a few days. it hasnt always done this and i have made some changes to my position on the bike so im putting it down to this. im thinking the seat might be too low and too far back? im thinking this because i have noticed that i seem to be stretched forward to reach the handlebars?
  • RanklesRankles Posts: 144
    So I went to the physio today and after lot's of testing it appears my knee pain comes from a weakness in my glutes. This is causing my hamstrings to overcompensate and this is apparently the most common reason for most knee pain.

    Make sure you activate your glutes before riding (google this) and work on strengthening them.
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