Clothing recommendations please.

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I am looking to buy a new pair of bib longs, Bib knickers, Jacket, and winter gloves.
Any recommendations would be very helpful, I just dont know where to turn with all the choice.
I dont want to spend heeps on each, comfort and function are important. I have broad shoulders and long arms which does cause me problems with some manufacturers.
I know this is quite a tedious post!!
Any help / recommendations gladly received.................right, suns out and so am I!!

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  • You won't go far wrong with DHB Wiggle's in house brand - good quality for the price and great returns if you are unhappy -- added bonus -- you will also always have someone to blame! :lol:
  • cougie
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    +1 for Wiggle and the DHB kit.
  • If I was looking for a big start up pack I would go for one of several brands

    1 - DHB at wiggle great value kit which works very well.

    2 - GORE kit which is very good windstopper depending on what weather you are planning on going out in.

    3 - CASTELLI ricier but when you put it on you feel the difference beware of the sizes go up at least a size on what you are normally.

    on pure value for money , Tenn outdoors and Shutt VR are both well recommended only tried the arm wamers from tenn but seem to do the job at much better price.

    Or spend endless hours on the internet looking at all the sites to locate a bargain of each item of clothing - practical use of time (Mrs VH seems to disagree )

    Good luck with the clothing hunt BEWARE though it does get addictive the shiny kit syndrome !!

    On commuting chat there is a thread for bargains spotted / recent purchase which may help.
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  • +1 on the DHB; although I blame Wiggle!
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    Another +1 for dhb, nearly as good as my Assos kit and a fraction of the price.
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  • Decathlon do decent quality clothes as long as you don't buy the cheapest stuff.

    Bib longs £40 or £50 for windproof.
    When I was browsing last week they had a thermal soft shell on offer for £50 - water repellent, all the usual pockets + zipped, bags of reflective. I bought one earlier in the season and while not waterproof it's highly water repellent and very cosy indeed.

    +1 for dhb, although I haven't got any winter outerwear the base layers and jerseys are spot on.
  • jthef
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    dont forget about Lusso.
    I use the max reple bib longs and they are good (also made in England).
    I use the altura winter hvis gloves this year and they have been brilant.
    For a jacket the gore I have has been very good, and a good base layer I like the craft ones but for warmer times 1 of the DHB is good and has silver in it so it does not smell as much :)
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    +1 for DHB shorts/3/4 & tights
    I'd go either Gore Phantom/Xenon SO or Assos AirJack for the windproof softshell jacket option (if getting just one I'd go with the Phantom for it's versatility).
    Gloves are a bit trickier, I like my Endura Deluge but they also get some negative reviews, also jsut got some nice Gore ones but can't remember the model. What ever you do also buy silk or merino liner gloves, makes any glove work to lower temps.
    Don't forget a windproof skullcap and overshoes if you're gearing up for winter for the first time...
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    Maybe I've been unlucky, but I found decathlon gear to be really poor quality.
    +1 for DHB for value and decent quality.
    +1 for anything Gore (if you don't mind spending extra)