Need a single colour vinyl decal....where can I buy one ?

Ezy Rider
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I want a single colour vinyl decal in lime green, one for each side of my bike. I phoned a few places who lost interest once I said the quantity was two, one for left side and one for right side of my bike. Getting a bit cheesed off and didnt think it would be this much hassle. Who knows where I can get good quality items from helpful UK seller ?

Thanks in advance.


  • Have you tried ebay?? If it's a well known name, there are often sets of decals on there.
  • MattC59
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    I'm assuming that you want to put your name on your bike ?

    I did this some years ago on one of my MTBs. I just found a print shop, I think that they cost about 35p each, in pretty much any font and colour that I wanted. They're laser cut vinyl and are still on the bike some 13 or so years later.

    Have a look on ebay though, if this is what you're after, it's probably the quickest route.

    If you're after something more specific to a bike, there's a guy on the Retrobike forum who does fantastic decals. It might be worth posting on there ?
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    these guys are excellent
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  • Did you have any luck Ezy? Have thought about this myself for my carbonzone but I can't decide if I would prefer the stealth look. If you did do you have any pics? Thanks
  • Hi,
    It might be worth trying

    I have my name on my frames done by this company, come in packs of four names for a tenner.
    if it is a logo or bike manufacturer name you want maybe worth speaking to them, link on the website.