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Just got a Bargain!

loxster71loxster71 Posts: 269
edited February 2012 in Road buying advice
Just thought i'd share my good fortune today with you all!

Popped into Halfords to collect a Carrera TDF for my step son( his first road bike so he didn't want to spend a fortune incase he doesn't take to it).

Whilst checking the bikes out on display i noticed a nice looking White and blue carrera virtuoso behind the TDF, it was better spec'd and in my opinion better looking and on sale with a 50% discount, Reduced from £499 down to £249.99.

After 30 mins of hard decision making between the 2 bikes he decided to take the virtuoso, on checking at the Till the assistant discovered that the price shown was for the 08 model and not the 11 model that was displayed.
The manager was then informed of the error but, and to my surprise actually honoured the price!
So we got a £500 bike half price...This is the first time iv'e had good luck like this, even if it wasn't for me personally!

Just thought i'd share that with you all! :D
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  • Great find! The luck doesn't always run that way :D
  • Nice one and good for Halfords - - for future reference if an item is advertised of labelled at a price the store must sell it at that price even if it was an error. If you think about it the law has to be that way or stores could post ficticious prices that aren't actually available whne you try to buy.

    Enjoy the new bike!
  • MccariaMccaria Posts: 869
    No that is not the law, see below. Plenty of other examples ... ur-rights/

    Good on Halfords for honouring the price displayed.
  • I stand corrected - sorry :oops: I did once take that line in a shop and got away with it - assistant must have been more ignorant than me or couldn't be bothered arguing!

    Hats of to Halfords!
  • MccariaMccaria Posts: 869
    Sadly the only reason I remember this is that Percy Sugden once used it at the local shop in an episode of Coronation Street (many years ago). He got the discount but returned the next day to pay the difference having read up on the law. For some reason it has always stuck in my mind (probably blotting out much more useful information)!
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