Crosstop Brake Leaver Advice

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Have just bought a cyclocross bike (Pinnacle Arkose Two) that has disc brakes but is one of the few cyclocross bikes without the 2nd cross-top levers in addition to the normal drop bar levers.

As I am a bit of a road novice and ride as much off-road as on road, I am just not confident enough in getting down from an upright position to the drop bar levers in time if needed.

Was therefore thinking of installing inline cane creek cross top levers however bloke in a bike shop suggested this isn't a good thing with disc brakes and that I would find them very hard to set i.e. either the top levers of drop levers would be sharp but never both.

Any views? Surely if they aren't that good then why would so many leading manufacturers put both types on levers on top range cyclorcross bikes? If I do go ahead, any recommendations on levers , installation and tuning?



  • random man
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    The bloke in the bike shop may be right. I've got both sets of levers on my Revolution tourer with disc brakes and the top levers are much sharper than the drops.
    Don't know if it matters too much as long as you know you can stop.