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I am considering converting my hybrid (Voodoo marasa) to drops during the summer. Have borrowed a set of drops from a club mate and fitted to try the geometry, and it feels ok :)
As it stands today, the bike is specced with;
1) flat bars
2) Hydraulic disk brakes
3) 8 speed triple shimano gearset

Now the main issue is going to be the brakes :!: As Iive near the coast there are signs of corrosion appearing on the spokes already, so I was going to get the wheels respoked during the summer to stainless one's. LBS charges £35 for wheel building plus spokes. I could go for a rim change too, but haven't costed that yet, so I could then fit some rim brakes. These would come from my road bike as I could upgrade the road bike brakes and swap these. Have checked the frame and they will fit with no modification, so that's a possibility. So going this route would need the following;
New rims, bars, stem, triple shifters.
Would sell on the flat bars, shifters and brakes to offset cost.
I have a spare set of SORA compact shifters and rear mech, so another option would be to change the cassette and chainset to a compact set. This would need a new rear hub too, so probably cheaper to source a complete rear wheel, in this case.
I know ultimately this is quite a bit of faff just to fit drops, and I might decide it's too much to even bother with it in the end, but I think it's worth researching and doing the sums first before dismissing completely.
The bike is my winter commuter, as I will use the roadie during the summer.
Is there anything else I need to look at or consider :?: Have I missed anything obvious :?:



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    If you want a bike with drop bars, I'd seriously consider selling your current bike and buying something more suitable - you'll spend hundreds on the conversion and the bike will still be a compromise.
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    Drop bar conversion are such a faff that most tourist convert to butterfly style trekking bars for extra handholds. You can also fit clipon aerobars to MTB flats.
    Your bike is well specced for winter commuting and the tradeoff from hydraulic discs to rim brakes is not worth any gain from drop bars.
  • Yeah...fair comments, and thanks :)

    Think I might try some different bars to give more hand positions. Maybe something like these http://www.wiggle.co.uk/token-tk9741-1-moscow-alloy-handlebar/ or have seen these http://www.wiggle.co.uk/ergon-gc3-handlebar-grips/ bit pricey though :!:
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    FWIW You'll have problems fitting any type of road handlebar like the Moscow Lo Pros because the brake lever clamp differs between road and MTB bars - they simply won't fit.
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    I can recommend the Ergon grips/bar ends - I have them and feel no need for drops whatsoever.
  • @ montydog....thanks

    @apreading...good to receive some feedback on these. Thanks
  • apreading wrote:
    I can recommend the Ergon grips/bar ends - I have them and feel no need for drops whatsoever.

    Saw this thread with interest as I too am a hybrid owner who wish I had a drop bar bike. I have Specialized alloy bar ends and they are too harsh on longer road rides and cold too! Those Ergo ones look mint, I like the softer texture and the integration into the bar grip. Looks like it will do the trick until I can save for a proper bike! :D
    Thanks guys
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  • http://www.jonesbikes.com/h-bar.html

    A lot of money but they are sexy as hell and so comfortable. Have several friends who ride them. I wish I had the money for my own set...


    These are on offer at the moment and a similar style. I've used these on my 29er and single speed road bike.

    Well, that's my 2p's worth of thoughts..........
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  • Thanks :)

    Must say they are a bit different :!:

    Still thinking I'll try the ergo's though :wink:
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    I wish I had a pound...

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    Seriously old thread I know..

    However I have a Voodoo Marasa for my winter bike and over the winter I did a drop bar conversion.

    I basically:-
    Removed the hydros and sold them
    Purchased drop bar
    Purchased mechanical BB5 calipers
    Purchased tektro RL520 drop bar levers(paid bike shop to sort cables out to brakes)
    Purchased handlebar tape & wrapped myself
    re routed the trigger shifters to the end of the drops(surprisingly works great) so sort of bar end shifters.

    And voila I have a drop bar hybrid and its effective for winter total cost was about £60 with selling the hydros. Will post some pics up if I get chance.
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    Pictures or it didn't happen.
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    Here you go...



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    You don't need to change and the replace the chain set because you have compact shifters. Just remove the smallest chainwheel and adjust max/min stops on the front mech so it doesn't let the chain drop past the old middle chainring (now the small of the compact). Have done this many time and now giant MTB running 8 speed Deor "Compact" (was a triple) with 700c wheels, 105 road brakes and carbon front forks.
    A long cage rear mech will run on both triple and compact. Make sure whatever gear levers you use, they have matched indexing for the rear mech (nearly all 8 speed will fit except campag).
    If this is too much hassle, use an old set of friction levers for gears.
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    Ant_1981 wrote:
    Here you go...




    Do you still have the pics, these links are dead?
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    Thanks Ant_1982 for reposting the links, unfortunately for some reason imageshack wont open them on my laptop or phone. Is there something I need to do for them to open? I created an account but still no joy, or do you have them posted anywhere else? I'm doing the same conversion hence the interest. Thanks in advance!