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Small waist packs

mercedismmercedism Posts: 102
edited February 2012 in MTB buying advice
Haven't found a hydration backpack yet, but need something to carry a few tools/mini pump around in.

So as an interim, smaller journeys have been looking at small waist packs.

Both have water bottles, which isn't a bad thing as don't carry any at the moment and don't want a cage.

Whats your opinions on either of these, all can be got for similar price, just wondered if the 2 bottle one might be too big.

or anything else for around a tenner.


  • Anything around my waist while I'm cycling is an annoyance - it constantly moves as you pedal.
    I have a Salomon version - can't remember the model. Fine when I'm running, not when I'm cycling.
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  • concordeconcorde Posts: 1,008
    Why don't you want a cage? Can't think of anything worse than having a water bottle on my waist during a ride. And it also looks ghay.
  • Either buy a Camelbak or similar, or put cages on. You'll look like a 70 year old grandma wearing a fanny pack with water bottles. Plus they move around too much, especially when the going gets rough.
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