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Max tyre width on kona Dr Dew

rideslikeagirlrideslikeagirl Posts: 63
edited February 2012 in The workshop
Hiya! Pretty self explanatory really! Anyone know how wide the chainstays are on a kona dr dew? I'm thinking of using a frame as the basis for a disked monster crosser, although the initial plan is to use the components from my dahon jack (which has mostly been replaced anyway, the frame will be the last bit to go..!) so that would include 26 in wheels, currently shod with maxxis holy roller 26x.2.2s...

Eventually there'd be a 700c wheelset but yeah, initially...!

Thanks! :)


  • I would have thought you would have problems with 26 inch wheels in terms of ground clearance for the pedals. The smaller diameter wheels and tyres would drop the bottom bracket down. I would be concerned about pedal strike when cornering.

    I don't know the proper answer to your question but the limiting factor with 700c wheels won't be width of the drop outs but will be the clearance to the bottom bracket. Normally these bikes have a max tyre width of about 40mm but you might be able to squeeze 44mm without guards. I had 38mm tyres and plenty of room for guards on mine (2003 model). The biggest cross tyres I have seen are 38mm so you should be fine on any cross specific tyres.
  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,810
    As a matter of interest I run my 700c Carrera Gryphon frame on 26" wheels for a similar reason (what came off the previous bike), I've only had one pedal strike when cornering hard (SCR you see) and have just enough clearance that I don't get strikes on kerbs when filtering.

    On most 700c frames (usually designed around nothing wider than a 32 though a crosser may be wider) fitted with 26" MTB wheel/tyres the worst clearance is between the chain stays, I can only run a max of 1.5" with about 3mm clearance each side. (a snapped spoke resulted in a very light touch......)


    Currently riding a Whyte T130C, X0 drivetrain, Magura Trail brakes converted to mixed wheel size (homebuilt wheels) with 140mm Fox 34 Rhythm and RP23 suspension. 12.2Kg.
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