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What replacement bars - compact vs ergo

springtide9springtide9 Posts: 1,731
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Looking for a new set of bars for my PX SL as not really getting on with my current set when in the drops.

I currently have these bars, which I believe are NOS (from when I got a bike fitting): ... 917wt_1135
The specs are:

Brand:3T ; Model:4GXL
Clamp Size: 31.8 mm ; Width:440 mm (C to C) ; Drop:155 mm ; Reach:90 mm

What I'm really not getting on with is the flat section in the drop - just doesn't feel that comfortable and forces you to only use one area of the drop (which never feels that comfortable)

Looking at PX website I see they have their carbon bars on sale, both "ergo" and "compact":

Planet X Nanolight Compact Drop Carbon Handlebar ... _handlebar
Drop: 145mm, Reach: 85mm

Planet X Nanolight Ergo Drop Carbon Handlebar ... _handlebar
Drop: 170mm, Reach: 110mm

Looking at the two sets of bars, the Compact Drop's appear to be closest to what I currently have.

Can anyone in layman's terms explain the difference between 'ergo' and 'compact'? (and maybe which is the most common nowadays). I assume 'compact' is designed so that you can be in a more aero position on the hoods without having to have an extreme drop on the bottom bars?

In terms of 'width' - should this match your chest size?

Sorry for the dumb questions... always best to task for advice rather than guessing :)


  • Ergo have a flat section in the drop (which I think is what you are saying doesn't work for you). Compact bars generally have less drop (e.g. 123mm instead of 160mm) and the reach may also be different.

    The two types are not exclusive, i.e. you can get Ergo compact bars (3T Ergonova) or non-ergo compact bars (e.g. Deda Zero 100)

    Both bars are common, the trend is towards compact as many riders don't want/can't get on with deep drops, or want the tops lower without having a really long reach down to the drops.
  • keef66keef66 Posts: 13,123
    For me, ergo seems to mean they have a flat section in the drops which is usually too short, then an angled bit further up which is at the wrong angle, and I'm forced to choose one or the other (so I tend to use the drops only rarely)

    I get on better with a bar with a gradual curve so I can put my hands wherever I feel best.

    The compact drop is another issue; many people prefer a bar with less of an extreme drop because it means they can use the drops more frequently and for longer in relative comfort.

    Orses for courses really
  • springtide9springtide9 Posts: 1,731
    Thanks, that makes sense.

    Sounds like the non-ergo compact drop's would be ideal - so have just ordered a set of the PX.
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