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Best article on doping in Procycling (Sept' 2011 issue)

jerry3571jerry3571 Posts: 1,532
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I was today just going through the brother in Law's Procycling Magazine (September 2011) and read an article called "Michel Audran on:the doping arms race".
This article talks about Microdosing EPO, masking agents, how Kolobnev screwed up and the influx of new Chinese Testosterone and EPO which cannot be detected.
If you can get a back copy then worth a look for sure.

I know on here we like to deny or accuse but this chap is talking straight from what he sees on his job at the UCI Biological Passport review panel. It's a snapshot at the arms race in doping products.


PS- I would have copied and posted it on here but thought I would get done for Copyright; shame.
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  • No_Ta_DoctorNo_Ta_Doctor Posts: 10,102
    Sounds interesting - any idea if there's an online version somewhere?
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