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Rose Pro DX Cross 2000

jamienortonjamienorton Posts: 182
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Just had this delivered, not had a go yet, not set it up properly either. Looks brill in the flesh, my blurry camera work doesn't really do it justice.


  • FransJacquesFransJacques Posts: 2,148
    Weight? Looks more like an all day mule than a nimble gazelle. Do they do carbon as well?

    Enjoy it, the weather's turning just at the right time for you to benefit from the brakes.
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  • 9.25kg quoted for the 58cm, mines a 60 though, yea they do carbon. My first road style bike, so a little apprehensive about going out for the first time when were in negative figures.
  • Stevo_666Stevo_666 Posts: 49,402
    I like the look of that. Just peeked on the Rose website and as expected, rather good value too :-)
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  • Yea i love the anodized finish and the internal cable routing, just ordered some chromoplastic mudgaurds for it, hopefully they wont mke it look to bad, and i can fit them round thre disk brakes.
  • Nice bike - how did you find the Rose buying experience?
  • jamienortonjamienorton Posts: 182
    edited February 2012
    Cant fault the buying experience, decent communication, delivered in about 12 days (quoted 3 week delivery time) and got about £25 worth of voucher points to spend. Top marks :)
  • Cant fault the buying experience, decent communication, delivered in about 12 days (quoted 3 week delivery time) and got abaout £25 worth of voucher points to spend. Top marks :)

    Thanks for the reply.

    I am toying with getting a road bike from them - they are great value.
  • Just spotted your bike, looks good - it's on my new bike short list.
    Are you still happy with it?
    Did the mudguards fit ok around the discs - how wide a tyre do you think it will take with mudguards fitted?
    Any idea of the actual weight, quoted weights are quite often on the light side.
  • Yep im very happy with it, just started getting out on some longer rides with the better weather, and cant fault it really. The mud guards didn’t interfere with the disk at all, still needed a bit of bending here and there but seem spot on (the rear one at least, the front requires a lot of cutting and bending as the mounts are high up the fork, I managed to get it sized up correctly but then crossed the mount thread when doing the final fit arghhh), im running a 35 tyre with them and its fairly tight think you'd struggle with wider. Not sure on actual weight, without mudguard, saddle bag, or any other accessorys I reckon the quoted weights arnt to far off. Im coming from MTB so it feels light to me, and others have said it feels light albeit people with no knowledge of bikes. But yeah id deffo recommend. Would highly recommend Rose to in general.
  • Me and my girlfriend also just got the Pro DX Cross 2000, my gf got the 54 and I orderd the 64 cm(i'm 198cm).
    First Picture is with both of them, when we orderd them we asked for the mudguards and luggage holder(?) dunno the English Word.... They can stay on even with studded tyres.

    Sorry for the crappy images.

    this is the 54 frame and som accesory.

    We are really happy with the bikes! With carrierbags for the luggage holder we can carry alot of items!
  • Stan81Stan81 Posts: 1

    What mudguards did you order? They seem to fit well. Did ROSE fit them on the bike or did you mount dem yourself?

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