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Yet another Which Tyres thread

JoffffJoffff Posts: 26
edited January 2012 in Commuting general
Yes, it's another one of those Which Tyres? threads but hopefully you'll humour me and this post will serve as a reference for others in the future ;)

I've got a Specialized Crosstrail hybrid 29er and with all the snow weather warnings I thought I might look at tyres a little better suited to winter climates. This is where I need some advice.
I find the whole business of buying 29er tyres hassle (retailers take note!) and normally end up buying a wide 700c tyre, followed by wondering whether they're actually going to fit.

At the moment I'm running Specialized Infinity's which I'm happy enough with in the dry but could do with a bit more confidence in the wet. Also, my commute's 80% road with 20% loose/mud for good measure so I suppose I'm looking for something a bit chunkier and with some kind of puncture-proofing technology?
Tyre weight isn't a problem, I'm "well built" so if ever there was weight saving to be had it would be from my person rather than the bike.

Does anyone have any tyre suggestions?


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