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I've just picked up a Dawes, Reynolds 501, bike kitted out with shimano exage (everything - gears, wheels, pedals). The idea was to convert to a single speed - 1/8 crank ect.

Does anyone have any idea what this exage stuff is worth? It's all in exellent used condition (i.e. used but not mistreated). I think it was in the Deore region but I'm not sure

Also, I was planning to use the alexrim (shimano hub) stock wheels that came on my £800 bike - would I be better keeping the exage wheels?



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    Exage kit was very popular as a mid range in the late 80's. It was hugely popular because it was good quality, fairly light and relatively cheap. Consequently an awful lot of cycles carried Exage groupsets....and there is still a lot of new old stock out there. Just have a look on eBay and you will see you can buy most items quite cheaply. Sorry if you were hoping for better news as to its value - but if well looked after it should give many more years service, so I wouldn't replace it.

    Happy cycling.

  • Thanks, that's a really helpful reply! I have to say - I am really tempted to keep it and it seems to be good kit!
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    I've got Exage brake calipers on my SS, lovely jubbly! Very sharp braking, even with the 20 year old brake pads! (I must change those)
  • there is still a lot of new old stock out there. Just have a look on eBay.
  • Yeah, I see all the NOS - well, £10 is better than nothing! I'm going to sell the brakes as I have some 105 ones to put on. My wife is not keen on me keeping any of it I won't use, so the wheels will have to go :( (space issues). Might keep the mechs and crank though as not sure if SS for my 15mile commute coming up will work!