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Bontrager Race Lite or RS80s??

gaffygaffy Posts: 553
edited January 2012 in Road buying advice
I cant decided which pair of wheels to keep and which ones to get rid of :S

anyone know which are worth more? ive found about £315 for both pairs?
anyone know which have a better reputation/are more desireable?

many thanks!


  • mfinmfin Posts: 6,726
    The more desirable are the RS80s no doubt, so if you wanna sell whats easiest to get good money for sell the RS80s, but if you wanna keep the more desirable ones keep the RS80s and see how you go selling the Bontrager ones.
  • gaffygaffy Posts: 553
    nice and concise, i like it :)
  • porker33porker33 Posts: 636
    My madone came with Bontrager race lites........

    Not impressed.....felt the Bonty Race I had before rolled better, even though they are less stiff than the RL.

    Upgraded to DA 7900...same as RS80 with a better hub and improvement, but don't expect them to totally change your riding experience.

    I went for the DA over the Rs80's as it ocurred to me if I got the RS80, I may have wished I had bought the DA...
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