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fallingofffallingoff Posts: 332
edited January 2012 in MTB buying advice
I'm looking to buy an entry level MTb for this year,I'm considering a Kona,a Cube or the ol' faithful specialized.
The Kona Lanai,the Cube Aim or the Hardrock,the reason I'm asking is because I've only ever considered specialized.
I'm looking for user opinions,reasons why or why not,I will google them all tonight but I do prefer personal opinions.
I was rather dissappointed today though when I went to view a spe' HR(2011) it just looked like the equipment was sub-standard compared to my sons 2009 sport,chrome skewers(? original parts?) and cheap looking forks especially around the adjusters...I may be expecting too much... :lol:
Thanks. for any advice.


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