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mtn324mtn324 Posts: 16
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Advice need.
i have decided to take the Spicy 516 to Center Parcs, so I need some bike security.

Suggestions for something suitable that is light enough to carry but enough of a deterrent when the bike is left outside. Would a good quality D-lock be ok?



  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    whatever your insurance says in needed as if the bike is half decent they will be after it and no lock will stop anyone.
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  • mtn324mtn324 Posts: 16
    As you say no lock will stop the determined criminal
    What I am trying to establish is, what to the fellow members of this form use.
    At best anything I use will be a deterrent only.
  • Where will you be locking it up? At cafes, hotel, or what? When I go out riding, I find places where I can keep an eye on my bike and be close to it. In those cases I just use a cable lock to stop someone jumping on it and riding away.
  • apreadingapreading Posts: 4,533
    Biggest problem at Centre parcs is the bike stands are the type you put your front wheel in and they prop your bike up. This means that a D lock will not be long enough to lock the frame to them. They have had lots of cases of people locking the front wheel, but with QR skewers the rest of the bike can dissappear easily and quickly. So I took D lock with a cable that attaches to it.

    I tried to turn bike sideways and lean against the fence and D lock it to the fence where possible, but where not I put the Dlock around the seatstay, through the rear wheel so that the bike would not be rideable without cutting the lock, and then used the cable to lock it to the bike stand. There are no cars on site during the week, so without cutting the D lock they could only remove it by carrying it and looking suspicious.

    Take the bikes inside the vila at night - we were told this by security on the way in and did so. It was a bit of a pain but not too much hassle.

    Lots of people will tell you to rent instead and if you are staying on campus that is fine - but if you want to venture to a nearby trail centre for example you may want your own bikes. No reason why you shouldnt as long as you are careful and they are insured.

    Hope that helps
  • mtn324mtn324 Posts: 16
    It would seem unlikely that I will be able to watch the bike all the time. Perhaps unattended for 30mins-1hr.
    Normally this is not the case, as I go out for a day on the bike and it is never out of sight.

  • oodboooodboo Posts: 2,171
    I took my enduro to centre parcs for the last 2 years. Gold rated d lock with a cable through the frames. Didn't think much of it the 1st year and left the bike outside overnight but read an old articel about a spate of bike thefts from a centre parcs down south and kept the bikes indoors this time and walked everywhere only using the bike for rides rather than transport.

    Wasn't just my bike I took, there was my 2010 Enduro, the wifes 2010 FSR xc and a trailer for the kids.

    As some of the people at work said centre parcs is a bit middle class and you don't worry about peados as much as you would elsewhere, same with the bikes but you still need to be sensible about it.
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  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    Is Centre Parks really worth taking a full sus to? or any expensive bike for that matter?

    Thought it's all hard packed or tarmac paths. Very cheap rigid road or commuter would be all you'd need surely?
  • tseniortsenior Posts: 664
    i'm going to the lakes one in june, decided not to take one of my bikes (even pub) gonna hire one of theirs for poootling round the site with a kids and a trailer and hire one from cyclewise at whinlatter for the couple of days i'll be let off the leash!
  • I took my bike to Centre Parcs in November 2011 and it was stolen from outside my apartment. I had 3 highly robust locks including a D lock on the bike and all 3 were cut!!

    Still no sign of my bike even though it was electronically tagged inside the frame and I have records of all the serial numbers!!

    Centre Parcs do not provide any secure locking facilities even thoguh they are aware bike theft is a huge problem at their resorts. They only provide thin metal bike stands to wedge your wheel between. These stands do not allow for locking your frame to any finxed object, and nevertheless they are simply screwed onto wooden fences so a theft would be simple.

    Furthermore, there are signs on the apartment doors forbidding for bikes to be taken indoors. My advice would be dont take your bike, but if you do make sure to keep a close guard on it at all times, and ignore the signs and take your bike inside at night. Buy 2 x sold secure gold locks of different types (ie 1 D lock and 1 chain) which should make theft more tricky.

    Hope this helps!
    I would not reccomend taking your bike to any centre parks. Professional bike theives operate frequently as they know its an easy target.
  • Neal_Neal_ Posts: 477
    From what I've seen the only chains that can't be cut with hand tools are Almax chains, everything else is a deterrent and for insurance purposes. They're a bit big to be easily carried and you still need something secure to lock it to.
  • delcoldelcol Posts: 2,848
    ^^^^ + 1 for almax.. not something i would like to carry but if you want secure locking for your bike,

    also another good one and slightly cheaper is the protector from torc-anchors. botof these are amzing quality and will stand up to hand tools... but like i said they do come with a weight penalty..
  • RushmoreRushmore Posts: 674
    keep it in the chalet....
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