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Drivetrain Replacement Advice

SJO76SJO76 Posts: 86
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I am in the process of overhauling my Ultegra 6600 drivetrain thanks to a worn chain and 6650 50T compact outer ring. I have managed to source a 50T 6650 Silver chainring after a LOT of looking around, and I have a new 6600 chain. However I wanted to replace the cassette too, but it looks like the Ultegra 6600 12-27T is discontinued. So I think my best option will be a 105 5700 12-27T. Will the chain I have purchased be ok with the cassette from the new group? And will there be any issues of having a 6650 chainset, paired with a 5700 cassette and a 6600 chain? I will prob replace the 34T chainring too to be on the safe side.

I have never had to do any repairs of this nature so does anyone have any advice for me and know all the tools required? I have the tool for the plastic crank cap, the one for removing bottom brackets and of course numerous allen keys. Do I need anything else? Is it worth replacing the bolts used in the chainset? What specific lube is needed after a routine clean and refit of chainset?

I am very tempted by the Ultegra 6700/105 5700 11-28T cassettes but I hear that shifting performance with 6600 RD and shifters is hit and miss as it is not supposed to support a cassette of that size. And I can not justify forking out for a 6700 RD on top of all this.


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