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PiR Alarm For Shed?

jeepiejeepie Posts: 495
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Hi All,

I had my purpose built metal bike shed broken into last night. They did what I always feared which was cut around the padlocks so they didn't need to cut through them. Luckily the shackle inside did it's job, so the bikes were still there in the morning and the primary security seems OK.

Any advice on what to do now?

Should I get a PiR for the shed. Can anyone recommend one? Does anyone use one? I can't believe I didn't wake up with the noise!

Would you avoid using the shed for a bit in case they come back?

Cheers for the help!




  • fossyantfossyant Posts: 2,549
    The PIR's don't go off immediately - I have one in my garage, and it beeps then gives you 20 seconds or so. If they can get to it easily, they will be able to get the batteries out.

    Personally take the bikes out till you can repair/beef up the lock area.

    Thank goodness you had secondary security - my bikes are ground anchored down.
  • saladdayssaladdays Posts: 100
    Get a security light and set the on time to five seconds; the light will continually flash on and off until the criminals leave. Put the light and any wires up high.

    Also put gravel in and around the shed; nice and crunchy under foot!
  • DrLexDrLex Posts: 2,142
    Location: ciderspace
  • as a former security consultant... ill put my 2p worth in.

    does the house have an alarm? - hard wired and buried armoured cable to a sensor is the best option. you can power sensors off the mains and set up different areas. this is the most secure option.
    is the shed double skinned? - if there is a heat spot , a pir will activate unduly. you will need a dual tech mass sensor, but powering one will kill batteries, see last note.
    how are you going to secure the pir to a metal wall? - putting a screw through a metal wall will let in water ingress and possibly allow the sensor to be tampered with from the outside. sticking it on will set the sensor off if it is also not insurance approved.
    will you hear an internal alarm through a metal box? - you would need 120db if you need to hear it from the garden. the battery for a portable one would be dead in minutes if it activates.

    this may be a bit excessive, but it should give you somethings to consider. pm me if you need any further advice.

    ... the gravel around the shed and a good security light is a good idea, and fairly cheap.. as long as the light is mains powered.
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