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which bike to get

PilavasPilavas Posts: 6
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Hi all,

My bike has been stolen yet again but managed to keep this one for exactly 2 years, happened inside morrisson's WoodGreen ( North London). Yea i know Riot territory but i dont live there but pass through everyday. Left my bike for less than five minutes while i went in to get some stir fry veg and it was gone, Now thats the bad news , the good news is time to buy a new bike. I have managed to bring the selection down to 3 and they are:

1: ... 65534#tab2

2: ... b60d41692a

3: ... e-ec024783

I hope i have made some good choices as you can see my budget is around £460, if anyone could recommend a better bike for that price i would like to know. Thanks in advance......


  • Can someone answer me on this ?
  • esspeebeeesspeebee Posts: 174
    I've got the Boardman hybrid for going around town and very light off-road (i.e. footpath/towpath) duties, and I can't fault it at all for what it is. That said, they're all going to be good bikes, and the only real answer is to try them and buy the one that feels right.
  • just what i thought, can't go wrong especially halfords are giving £60 off retail price, ordered and collecting tomorrow......
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