Prescription Glasses?

cgcrute Posts: 11
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I lost my prescription cycling glasses, I still don't know how. They were Armour 720 Freedy's.

I am looking at some Blok Stealths at £36 including 3 sets of lenses +getting the inserts glazed (£15 from, does anyone have any other suggestions in that price bracket?


  • kingrollo
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    if want direct glazed try

    In my experience insers are ok - but lethal in the wet.
  • cgcrute
    cgcrute Posts: 11
    Thanks KingRollo, the pair I lost had inserts and I got on fine with them, more importantly I can't really afford the 50 quid it's going to cost for a cheap pair, let alone direct glazed!

    What problems did you have in the wet?
  • kentphil
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    I've got Briko Klip prescription glasses which use an insert. Took me a few rides to get used to them. My main problem is sweat running down off my forehead and misting them up. There not too bad. Would give them 7 out of 10. Would love Oakley Radar or M frame is I could afford them!
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