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X Fusion Shock - Alternative - FSR Comp

Hacker60Hacker60 Posts: 73
edited January 2012 in MTB buying advice
No posting since joining in sept 2011, shortly after tearing tendon in foot, and breaking my
little finger, since then I've got another bike, Specialized FSR Comp 2008, with loads of upgrades
loads of carbon, Juicy 7's, Lightweight rims, only ridden 20-30 times, and nothing in anger.

So a bargin for me as I wanted more fun than my Scott Scale 60 could handle even
though It's a top beginner MTB really light, good climber. Anyway the only negative I've
come across is about the rear shock, plus it's only got 100mm of travel, front and back
Can I increase the rear to 120mm FOX Float ? Any ideas.

Lastly I've got a coulpe of weeks until I can ride as I just dislocated my thumb, ouch it hurts.
almost better. Desperate to get the first big hit out the way. Epping forest awaits.
Scott Scale 60 - Stock
Spesh FSRXC - Custom


  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,599
    Rear shocks don't work like that. Travel depends on the geometry of the linkages. You can upgrade but need to keep same eye to eye and stroke. Changing travel will trash the handling
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