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Replacement commuter bike

Mr_GrinchMr_Grinch Posts: 21
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Here's another "what bike should I get thread", because you probably don't see enough of them :)

I've been using an old (probably 2004/2005-ish) Dawes Discovery 301 to get to work and back up until the start of January. I got it second hand from a friend for £100 (including some paniers, a rack and a d-lock) and it's done me proud. However it's getting on a bit now and needs some work doing on it, the front derailleur needs replacing, the brakes need replacing (springs have gone/are going), new seat needed, the front wheel isn't spinning quite straight and the back wheel actually exploded the other day. The metal rim ripped open, the inner tube popped and I went flying. Long story short, rather than spend the money on doing it up I'd like to get a new bike.

This is my commute: . If that link doesn't work, it's 11 miles and it's most certainly not all that flat. I do about 110 miles a week, sometimes a little more and for the time being I'm commuting on this monstrosity: - A Raleigh Boulder, until I can decide what bike to get and have saved up for it.

I was debating going for a road bike, but short of the odd 40/50 mile cycle with friends (which again, last year I did on the Boulder as my friend used my hybrid) I just use it for going to work. The road is of dreadful quality, so I'm thinking of going for a 700c hybrid again. I was looking at the Specialized Sirrus Elite. Specifically the 2011 model as there's still a few doing the rounds at about £400, which I don't really want to spend more than if I can help it.

Any suggestions? I'm open to someone trying to convince me a road bike would be better for my commute! Thanks for any help/words of wisdom.


  • MichaelWMichaelW Posts: 2,226
    You need a Doitall road bike. Try a cyclo-cross or touring road bike, this will give you road bike position with wider tyres and mudguard/rack eyelets.
    Check out the Boardman Cyclo Cross.
    Another useful style is winter trainer, eg Kenisis TK2.
    These are above your budget but just to show what is available.
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