National Route 62

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I have a thread up in the Routes section but as my questions are both Route & Fitness related I'm a little unsure where to post so I've created a thread here too.


Over the last year I've started to get fitter and lost 2stone, I still have some weight to loose (would like to loose 1more stone) and I can now manage a 20mile ride without too much trouble. I'm now using a gym a couple of times a week to help with the fitness/weight loss and have set myself a couple of challenges this year.

1, Cycle from home (Millhouse Green) to my parents house in Cliffe. (approx 50miles)
2, Cycle from home to my mother in laws house York (approx 65miles)

For both routes I will be using as much of the National Cycle network as possible. Both rides will use the same route, Penistone>Barnsley>Doncaster>Snaith>Selby at which point I will continue upto York on the 2nd challenge.

I appreciate the ride/s will be very demanding for me and I'm looking to complete them towards September time.

My questions are,

Has anyone completed the Doncaster to Selby route 62?
Any advise on the route/directions? I suffer from Asthma/Hayfever and allergic to Sunflowers/Rapeseed which could limit where I ride
Any advise on training?

Current training at work
x2 40min sessions on the Cross Trainer
Various leg/stomach/back/arm weight training for 20/25min

Current training at home
have a target of 93miles per month and try to get out riding on my off shift days when my kids are at school