shimano sti levers

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I have just stripped back my bike and the gears now just don't work properly.
The front sti changer will not go onto the big ring, and is a beggar to trim. :x
I'm thinking of junking it for downtubes!!
Never got on with the lack of trimming/coarse operation of the front and the weird braking action with the sideways move.
The back misses cogs and then doesn't change properly.

In fact i am very fed up with the whole thing, it's not comfy either!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    have you actually tried adjusting it, or is this all just a bit of pointless rhetoric..?
  • not rhetoric just frustration
    I have adjusted cable tension, angle and height of the changer, googled for shimano instructions.
    Googling helped a bit i found out that sti grease/lube hardens and needs cleaning out ( not tried yet)
    also found out that STI is not happy with deore lx front mechs, mine is an xt, not sure if that is why but I doubt it.
    It all worked well before a clean etc, if it ain't broke etc.
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    If it worked before, it will work again, it just needs some fettling.
    FDs (i find) are a bit of a mare to setup.
    Make sure the cables routed correctly under the BB (correctly located in the groove of the guide), make sure its connected correctly at the pinch bolt of the FD (i connected one slightly wrong once at this wouldnt work)
    Keep at it...i play with my bikes all the time but FDs do my head in.
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    I feel your pain, it's not majorly difficult to set up a front mech but it can be a pia. I'd love to go with a down tube shifter (for the front only), just for the simplicity, it was good enough for LA to win a few mountain stages as well.

    You could also go with a single ring up front as well.
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    My understanding is road STIs and MTB front mechs have completely different cable pull ratios, I wouldn't expect it to work without a MTB shifter. What are the shifters?
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  • I've found out that what you say about cable pull on the sti, is not compatible with mtn bike derailleur, mine is a deore xt
    so I have abandoned the front sti and will run a dt shifter but use the sti for braking only. I will keep the rear sti running though
    I always preferred the trimming on dt shifters to the coarse adjustment on sti.