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Tried a zesty and a sort of Orange 5 what else should i try

robbroorobbroo Posts: 42
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OK so i tried out a modified orange 5(150 mm fork single ring..heavier brakes) and i have tried a zesty 714 around Dalbeattie yesterday ... took me about half the trail before i got the hand of the bike and it inspired such confidence..

other stuff you need to know is i am getting on a bit 50ish and my local riding is all single track/ trail centre type stuff and includes some fairly big hills. I am currently using a completely rigid 1990s Orange P& whic i love riding.

anyway i have decided i would like a full suspension bike with about 140mm front fork. I enjoyed riding both the orange and the Zesty but the lighter weight and its better climbing ability are pushing me in the direction of the Zesty.

I am going to try an unmodified Orange 5 because the bigger fork and heavier weight definitely didn't help on the hills.

Soo ...the question is which other bikes should i try that would meet my needs here. Your help would be gratefully received.


  • Stu CoopsStu Coops Posts: 426
    I got the Zesty 514 and love it I also have a Giant Trance X1 which again is absolutely superb think you will like the Giant climbs great and light too, the Canyons get really good press but they are not avaliable from retailers so a demo aint an option.

    To be honest if your looking at a 714 you obviously have a decent budget so your choice is quite varied also have a look at the Trek EX8 awesome climbing bike and not to heavy, you may want to have a look at the Giant Anthem which is 100mm travel bike and although there is less travel these bikes are awesome my mate loves his and it goes anywhere my Zesty does.
    Zesty 514 Scott Scale 20 GT Expert HalfwayupMTB
  • benpinnickbenpinnick Posts: 4,148
    Whats your budget?
    A Flock of Birds
    + some other bikes.
  • robbroorobbroo Posts: 42
    edited February 2012
    Thanks for the suggestions guys...

    as for budget....i will spend the right amount for the right you can see from my old p7 when i get something i like i tend to keep hold of it. The zesty is probably at the very top of what i am willing to spend but if i found a bike a lot cheaper that was the right one for me then i would buy that one.
  • MccraqueMccraque Posts: 819
    I've a zesty 514 and love it to bits. Climbs brilliantly and descends like a dream. Has really helped bring my riding on too.

    The Canyon Nerve's are great - problem being you'll need to find someone who's on one to test it as they're direct sell only.
  • benpinnickbenpinnick Posts: 4,148
    OK, so the zesty is at the top of the budget.... I would consider:

    Properly testing a five (sounds like you wont have done it justice)
    The Trek as mentioned.
    Specialized FSR Evo
    Giant Trance

    Some more exotic builds in the price range:
    Santa Cruz Blur
    Intense Tracer
    Mondraker Foxy R
    Pivot Mach 5.7
    A Flock of Birds
    + some other bikes.
  • trailpuppettrailpuppet Posts: 381
    edited January 2012
    I friendly bike shop owner warned me off Lappier when I asked him why he was no longer stocking them. Serious issues with warranty and breakage issues :roll:
    Depending on where you live have a look at Biketreks web site for details of Orange demo days.
    My current wish list having been window shopping last weekend includes;
    Whyte 456?
    Cannon dale Jekyll
    Spesh Camber and Enduro(good deals at Liesurelakes ATM)
    Trek Remedy or as already mentioned the EX range is very good
    Transition for Flying Fox cycles
    Outsider would be the new Scott which is to replace the current model for 2013. Liking the current one but got a shake of the head and a nod/wink re new one from my friendly shop owner :wink:

    Another to consider is the Spesh Pitch. Being discontinued I believe but is highly rated

    Santa Cruz Butcher. Nearly came home with one but had left my wallet in hotel room :idea:
  • lawmanlawman Posts: 6,868
    sounds like a whyte t120 would suit you down to the ground, only 120mm of travel, but rides like it has so much more, versatile, climbs very well, descends like a rocket, plus at £2000 for a current 2012 model, and 2011's still around i think for alot less, plenty of spare cash for blinging it up abit :)
  • Yup, that is a very nice bike. Liesurelakes have some good deals on the. I was in the Bury shop last weekend and there was sooooo many nice bikes to choose from. Going to cost me 1/2 the cost of a new bike to renovate my old one
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