cold and bike computor

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Whilst out yesterday my cateye wireless computor started after about 15 miles to stop updating all the time and only did so intermittently on the rest of the ride. I changed both batteries about a week ago so it can t be that....could it be the cold it couldn t have been more than 2 degrees for most of the ride. Any thoughts ?


  • I had the same problem with my Cateye wireless last summer. I kept getting error messages so I changed the batteries twice and reset it so everything seemed fine.

    I then went on a long two day charity ride and it did the same thing again. In the end I got fed up with it and replaced it with a cheaper 'Bikehut' job - nor problems since. I guess really I should have contacted Cateye bu I didn't keep the receipt.
  • Cateye also dead.
    Not changed batteries for a while so the cold might have done for it. Although the av speed stopped working a long time ago. Thinking of a gps-type gadget.
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