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which one out of these £700 mark

warrenkwarrenk Posts: 6
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Hi all,

I've been looking into getting a mountain bike and i was looking at a budget of £500 but somehow it has grown to £700 as usual when you start looking your budget starts to grow. So anyway now that I've got a limit of but£700 just need some advice on which bike is the best bang for buck.

So this is the ones i was thinking of but if I'm missing one that beats any of these then please say.

First choice is

White 801 ... W-1-023-12

Next is

Revolution triad 1.0 ... iad-1-0-11

This is on sale due to being last years model but I'm not too keen on the colour.

Specialized rockhopper comp ... er-comp-12

Boardman comp ... yId_165499

Carrera fury ... yId_165499

So as you can see its like a mine field to pick


  • Chunkers1980Chunkers1980 Posts: 8,035
    Slightly different bike but I'd try the Zero - for £700 on Ed Cycles.... £300ish of the 700 is the fork...
  • ste_tste_t Posts: 1,599
    That triad Zero is a very good call. I would recomment having a look at 2011 sale bikes in your price range as you will get much more bike for your money that if you buy 2012
  • tarbot18tarbot18 Posts: 531
    The Boardman Comp has a lot better spec than the other bikes you listed and lighter, or look for a 2011 bike i got a grand s worth of full suss gt sensor for £750 from my lbs.
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  • Thanks i was thinking of a 2011 model but would like to try them as well.
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