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Looking to upgrade my current road bike, which is a raleigh airlite. Has served me well to get into road cycling. But now im looking for something better, spending around £800 max.

Was looking at the 2011 giant defy 1, but the giant defy 2 caught my eye, just cause i liked the colour scheme. Is the defy 1 worth the extra ?

defy 1


defy 2



  • alihisgreat
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    I would go for the 2012 defy 2 for £799.99 as it comes with the new 10 speed tiagra, whereas if you get the older models you will have a 9-speed.

    I have the 2012 defy 1 and the new frame is fantastic.
  • derosa
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    I have the 2012 defy 1 and the new frame is fantastic.

    I also have the 2012 Defy 1 and can't fault it.

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  • gmacz
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    Older models are cheaper and that is a big plus for the 9 speeders.
    Same frame on 1 and 2, just an upgrade on parts.
    Both will put a smile on your face.
    I have used Paulscycles and give them a gold star for service.
  • Team515
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    I missed a good defy 2 on ebay last night, cheap as chips