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Good service by Evans

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I wasn't going to bother posting this, but in the interests of balance...

Ordered a bottle of red fox fork oil a few weeks ago, and when it arrived it had leaked quite a bit (actually only about 100ml, but it made a right mess - man is that stuff oily!!), and at the price of that stuff (£17.99) I thought it was worth a moan. So I took pictures of the leaked bottle (which I could easily have faked) and the mess in the box, thinking I would need the evidence.

Anyway I emailed customer support and they sent another bottle, no questions asked, they believed me :shock: . It also leaked :roll: (actually worse) but I didn't care, I had about 1.75 bottles for the price of one. I even emailed them to warn them the bottles were leaky.

So the lesson is - any company that does loads of business can't keep everyone happy, all the time. But they've always done alright by me. As have most companies, really.

Bit of a pointless post. But everyone seems to post about the slightest problem, to try and 'warn' people, so I thought I'd post about a minor win. :wink:
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  • Another Happy Customer

    I bought my son bike for xmas using the home delivery from Evans. The bike arrived unusable where the wheels were so badly buckled and where the brakes hadn't been set up. Arranged to take it into our closest store (over 30miles away, hence the reason I ordered it for home delivery) and spent the morning out with my wife until the store had fixed it. I got a phone call when the mechanic had finished then as we hung up the phone an email arrived with the mechanics report 8)

    Picked up the bike and went home. Emailed the report into Evans HeadOffice (complaint allready logged) and recieved an offer of some vouchers which came to more than my fuel costs for the journey of which I accepted then spent in the sale on some more goodies 8)

    As with any customer service, it all depends on who you talk to and how you talk to them :wink:

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