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Difficult Rim and Tyre Combinations

sibelius7sibelius7 Posts: 17
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As there is always the possibility that the puncture fairy may visit on a commute, I thought it might be useful to have a list of difficult rim/wheel and tyre combinations to avoid when buying (as in, difficult to get on and/or off).

My experience -

Campagnolo Kamsin wheels and Vittoria Rubinos - Thumb breakers!

Thought I'd get the wire rubinos (23c) as a fast commuting tyre as they're dead cheap and can replace for next to no cost.
Man alive! I've never has such a hard time getting a tyre on a rim. Each tyre took me about 20minutes (time DOES NOT include wheel removal, replacing inner tubes or inflation - time DOES include cursing, sweating, lying on the floor, praying, bleeding and feeling like you've just given birth when they're finally on the rim).


Please share your experience!


  • hambohambo Posts: 49
    Yep just learned that trying to get Continental 4 seasons on a Alex Alloy rims are a complete nightmare and take forever probably the best part of 25 mins. And then even when you do get the tyres on they don't fit around the rim evenly. Just posted a thread in the commuting workshop thread to try to figure out if riding with them is going to cause damage.
  • Get a VAR Tyre Lever - solves the majority of these problems in the garage/on the road. If I recall was rated 10/10 by C+ late 10/early 11. I bought one just over a year ago from GB Cycles ( & it works a treat.
  • ToeKneeToeKnee Posts: 376
    Not sure if everyone knows/does this but when I have a tricky tyre that just will not go on … I get as far as I can and then roll the wheel from the point opposite the bit of tyre left to get on, once in each direction, towards the awkward bit … and, presto, it usually slips on.

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  • I'd always tend to try and stick to folding tyres. Used Rubihno folding tyres with Fulcrum no problems.
  • Worst combination for me is the front wheel on my commuter. Rigida Chrina rim paired with Bontrager Race Light Hardcase tyre (700x28). Only had the tyre off twice in ~18 months (thanks to the puncture resistance of the hardcase tyre), but each time have broken a Park Tools tyre lever, and caused such a commotion that the dog ran upstairs and refused to come down.

    Usually resort to using some liquid hand soap to get the last few cm's on which helps (just remember to wash the rim afterwards).

    Thanks to Sevenfold for the VAR tyre lever suggestion - have just ordered one so will see how that goes.
  • MichaelWMichaelW Posts: 2,226
    Schwalbe Marathon Plus on any rim, unless you do this.
  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,748
    WTB slickasurus, on with thumbs no issue, can 'just' get them off without tools but it hurts a bit.....

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