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I have done 3000 miles on my road bike and whant to know if I should buy a new one.
Many thanks


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    Yes deffo buy a new bike 3000 miles would have worn it out.

    Sorry for sarcasm you may need to replace chain depends on how hard the use has been, how well you have looked after it etc etc etc the easiest thing to do is buy a wear guage to keep a check on them. See link for an example
  • Your comment made laugh and thanks for your help.
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    3000 is probably pushing it, but they can last. I buy chains two at a time for new gear sets and swap them over every 1500 miles, or when it feels about time to do it. They now need binning tbh, but they've managed ~8300 miles and still change sweetly and don't skip over the cogs yet. They'll have to last till the end of March, so another few hundred miles worth of wear. No point changing them at this time of year.
  • ive done approx 3000 and was told by the lbs where it was serviced that it needed one , wasnt ripped off as they showed me the gauge test
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    you can measure the wear with a ruler, this page explains wear and, further down, how to measure it...

    if a chain wears too far, it'll wear the cassette so that a new chain skips, then you have to fit a new cassette with the new chain; that costs a lot more, so it's worth checking every couple of months
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