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How do I post a bike?

mowflowmowflow Posts: 212
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Doubt this is the best/correct section for this but it's close enough.

I'm currently selling a bike through the classifieds on here and was wondering if anyone could tell me how you go about sending a complete bike via courier/post? Especially a big heavy full suss job. I was hoping to sell it to someone that could pick up but I've got a few people asking about postage.


  • 1mancity21mancity2 Posts: 2,355
    Take the bars off, front wheel off, then goto local bike shop ask for a bike box (they throw them away)
    then use or
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  • Don't forget to pack it well. protect all the bits that can get knocked/scratched. Make sure to put spacers between the dropouts at both ends.
    Again, if you go to your LBS and get a box from them, even Halfords, they might be the sort that leaves all the packaging in the boxes (our LBS does this) so you can just wrap your bike in that.

    The courier can come and pick it up from you, so it's not really much extra hassle at all. Tbh, I don't really understand people who wont post (not singling you out btw). You sell stuff much quicker and get a much better price if your potential market is the whole of the UK.
  • mowflowmowflow Posts: 212
    Thanks for the helpful advice and the links. I'll get on it today.

    I'm happy to post the bike if it means making a sale at a reasonable price. I just wasn't sure how to go about it. Packaging was the main issue, the annoying thing is that there was a bike box in the basement at work up until about a month ago when someone decided it was a fire hazard and took to the dump.
  • milko9000milko9000 Posts: 533
    Halfords usually have loads of bike boxes spare if your other local stores aren't forthcoming (mine aren't!). The only trick is getting one big enough.
  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,777
    Just ask at any Halfords, only to happy to give them away, make sure you wrap well.

    Another website to try is

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  • mowflowmowflow Posts: 212
    Two local LBS. One looks like a scrapheap and the guy is a bloody nightmare to deal with and the other has very little stock and very little room so I doubt he would store any boxes. I pass an Evans on the way home so I'll give them a call as I suspect they may charge me for a box. Failing that it'll be the local Halfords at the weekend.
  • milko9000milko9000 Posts: 533
    Evans wouldn't give me a box because it's their policy to recycle them and they can't make any exception. Apparently me reusing one didn't count as recycling.
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