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Which mudguards for Specialized Elite?

PhildBPhildB Posts: 73
edited January 2012 in Road buying advice
I am hoping to draw upon some of your experience here. I've been searching past threads and some people are swearing by the Cruds and putting down the SKS race blades, - then I just notice a recent thread where the Long SKS mudguards seem the product of choice.

Would anyone know which mudguards would best fit my particular bike - I have a Specialized Tarmac SL2 Elite.

Cruds won this poll by a mile, - but are the long SKS guards far better?

Do they come with the little furry things which rub against the rims?

The cruds look really good here ... adracer___

Advice appreciated, really dont want a headache from ongoing fitting issues and rubbing wheels etc :)


  • JRookeJRooke Posts: 243
    personally hate the cruds and send people straight to the back who bring them out on rides, the old ones aren't long enough to provide anyone behind you with any kind of cover, and the new ones wag around like a dog tail again covering the guy behind in shite. If your out by yourself then im sure they are fantastic, but for club runs, get to the back! I usually advise people to use the sks guards as they are much more stable so you can slide them down a bit to the rear, drill a hole through them and stick half a drinks bottle on for the mud flap.
  • PhildBPhildB Posts: 73
    Thanks. I like the idea of being able to quickly take them off, and the extra coverage, so ill go for the SKS Long's - cheers
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