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New bike build - Pig content imminent

twonkstwonks Posts: 352
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After a couple of years deliberating with myself, I have finally decided to replace the ZaskarLE frameset.

Some will say I'm daft, but after a few recent accidents and injuries that demand I look after my joints and limbs when finally back on a bike - I decided to get something hopefully slightly more forgiving than the rock hard GT.

.... and I wanted a new toy too :)

The first bit has landed ..


Not going to be anything special, just a simple HT to ride around the woods :mrgreen:


  • 1mancity21mancity2 Posts: 2,355
    oooohhh errr, show us more!
    Finished, Check out my custom Giant Reign 2010
    Dirt Jumper Dmr Sidekick2
  • twonkstwonks Posts: 352
    I will when there is more to show 8)
  • twonkstwonks Posts: 352
    Do people not want to see work in progress then.

    If so then I'll delete this one and start again on Sunday when it is all built and ready to ride :)
  • We love work in progress threads round here.

    It's not a work in progress though, it's a QR clamp in a bag.

    A Work in progress would consist of a frame with some bits on it.
  • twonkstwonks Posts: 352
    As the frame hasn't turned up yet.. Grr...

    Here is a pic of the donor bike in the meantime.

    New frame should be here tomorrow, when the build proper can begin.

  • twonkstwonks Posts: 352
    The piglet frame is here.


    Build will start tomorrow afternoon.
  • twonkstwonks Posts: 352
    Spent this afternoon building what I could.

    Did take snapshots for the first few components and then got bored and greasy hands, so battled through.
    Still have a bit to do. Most obvious is the following.

    New headset required - or at least bottom bearing.
    New rear innertube required to fit original tyre (Old bike was on turbo trainer hence the skinny)
    New gear cables needed.
    Brake hoses to be shortened.
    Chain shortened.
    Front mech needed.

    Then once that lot is done, the fine tuning and set up needed.

    Other than that, I was going to buy a new stem as the 100mm one now is about 50mm too long judging from all the reviews and write ups on the piglet frame.
    However, as it is now it is exactly the same reach as the old ZaskarLE.
    It could be that the old Zaskaar was stretched as it is primarily a race bike, but I wonder if I'll feel squashed if I drop the stem back 50mm. Food for thought once the other bits are sorted and I've had a ride or two.

    Sorry the pics are a bit poop, but it was hard to get good ones with an iplop in fading light.

    Full list to be added shortly.
  • twonkstwonks Posts: 352
    Frame: Ragley piglet 18" Stolen Ivory
    Forks: 2006 RS reba team air u-turn (set to max 115mm)
    Bars: Easton Monkey Lite CT2 carbon (685mm)
    Stem: Kore lite 100mm (May change once ridden)
    Headset: FSA Orbit (replacement needed)
    Grips: Race face good n evil
    Bar Ends: n/a

    Front Brake Lever assy: Shimano LX
    Front Caliper: Shimano LX
    Front disc: Shimano LX 160mm iirc
    Rear Brake Lever assy: Shimano LX
    Rear Caliper: Shimano LX
    Rear Disc: Shimano LX 140mm iirc
    Hoses: Shimano LX

    Shifters: XT 8sp
    Cables: XTR (will be)
    Front Mech: not sure yet
    Rear Mech: XTR Shadow
    Chain Device: n/a

    Seat: WTB Shadow (Also have a flite ti and may look at others)
    Seat Post: Raceface ride X/C
    Seat Post Clamp: Ragley

    Cranks: Aerozine XL12 carbon
    Chainring(s): 22.32.42 Aerozine
    Chain: Sachs wih powerlink
    Cassette: XT 8speed
    Pedals: 520 SPD - flats maybe?
    Bottom Bracket: XTR HTii

    Front Wheel:
    Rim: DT4.1
    Spokes: not sure
    Hub: LX
    Tube: cheapy
    Tire: Hutchinson Pirahna

    Back Wheel:
    Rim: DT4.1
    Spokes: not sure
    Hub: LX
    Tube: none yet - doh
    Tire: Hutchinson Pirahna

    Weight: not measured yet but doesn't feel oo bad.

    Other info: A bit of work to do yet, but looking ok imho. :)
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