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Tubeless ready tyres

101_North101_North Posts: 607
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I've a set of ZTR 355's which I'm going to run tubeless. I just have no idea what tyres to get. Originally going to get FIRE XC's tubeless as I've always liked the standard Fire XC's. Too many reviews, though, suggest they are quite poor tyres. I then thought about Nobby Nic tubeless ready from Germany but again the reviews are mixed.

Anyone got any experience and/or suggestions. Do I even need tubeless ready? Max budget is about £60 a pair.




  • You can run regular tyres with a rimstrip and sealant if you want.

    I use Nobby nic TLR, find them to work perfectly fine with just the tape on stans rims. Saves a fair bit of weight over proper UST tyres too.
    Careful with pressure though. I over-inflated a TLR nic once, left it in the garage overnight and when I came in in the morning, it'd blown off the rim and spaffed sealant all over the bike / wall / floor. Plus it warped the tyre wall so it had to be binned.
  • VWsurfbumVWsurfbum Posts: 7,881
    also check out maxxis tyres, easiest by far to set up tubeless on non tubeless tyres, if that makes sense?
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