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Does this work for you? (50sec)

bluechair84bluechair84 Posts: 4,352
edited January 2012 in Your pics and vids
I've experimented with a different approach to one of the jumps in the alps vid. I didn't know how to do this before and am still experimenting with it... but does it work?

Multi angle shot


  • DirtriderDirtrider Posts: 1,611
    yes, very cool.

    What could have been good, on the last multi shot, if the left box where you carry on down the hill expanded to full screen after the two right hand ones had finished.

    Very cool though.
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  • delcoldelcol Posts: 2,848
    cool tune...

    aint to bad..

    could you try it doing it as a 50/50 split screen then when you hit the jump go into a full screen shot maybe slowmo it....
  • 1mancity21mancity2 Posts: 2,355
    For me, I didn't know which one to look at as the sequence seemed in an odd order, that make sense?

    Maybe first one top left, then far left, then final full screen.

    Good to watch and you need to be getting more air!!!
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  • bluechair84bluechair84 Posts: 4,352
    Yes! Air! But that's not a problem now. I was thoroughly XC whipped before I went - I was really pushing myself to go big whilst there. Since back I've spent far more time on local DH and I've hit a 16' double, a 13' hipped gap jump, a 12' high wall ride (right to the top) and some other wildly impressive shiznaz. Anyway, I promise to be more impressive this year ;) I'll be 30 in a few years and if I don't do something impressive now, I never will!

    interesting thoughts about order... I'll review it tonight and see if I can see your point of view.
  • Looks a bit too busy to me, quite confusing as where to look. I would keep it simple as you faded out the main picture and introduced two more picture in pictures. I think couple of differing angles is a great idea but don't overcrowd it. :D
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