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Educate me about turbo trainers

jsyncjsync Posts: 120
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I recently broke my collarbone quite badly at the shoulder end and am getting fat! I'm not ready to get back on the bike yet as I've only had a couple of physio sessions and the plate now seems to be lifting off at the shoulder end - no really. I have been recommended a turbo trainer whilst I can't go out so I can exercise in front of the tv. Does anyone have any advice? What are the differences? Can you adjust the resistance or set programs on them? Would I be better off with an exercise bike? What are the benefits of this over the exercise bike?

Thanks for your assistance



  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,599
    Might be worth asking in the road section. They will have far more experience.
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  • delcoldelcol Posts: 2,848
    how long ago since your accident that left you with a broken claivcle ? i broke mine last year and dislocated my shoulder (and broke my thumb)
    i was back on my bike (road bike) in 4 weeks... back on my mtb in 7 weeks.

    as for turbo trainers depends how much you want to spend.. they have different types of resistance wind fluid magnetic motor. they ok for building fitness and strength, but i find get bored to easy on mine if i can manage 5 mins i done well..
    personally i prefare a turbo trainer with my own bike on it to an exercise bike...

    some good info here,
  • Stu CoopsStu Coops Posts: 426
    Look at a fluid trainer you can pick up a decent one for around £150 probably cheaper on ebay, I got the Elite Fluid and to be honest I think they are the easiest to use especially if your in recovery training as you just set the bike up and the resistance comes from how hard you turn the cranks the faster you try to push the more resistance you get, awesome workout but as delcol said realllllyyyyy boring but serve a purpose.
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  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    Bikes are made for moving, and it's healthier and less boring outdoors... except on roads :P

    The sooner you can get back to proper rides though the better and a turbo may discourage you from venturing out. Either that or it will get a few days use then end up in the cupboard for the next 10 years.
  • delcoldelcol Posts: 2,848
    Either that or it will get a few days use then end up in the cupboard for the next 10 years.

    like both of mine,, shed clutter..
  • njee20njee20 Posts: 9,613
    Just get a cheap on on eBay, or on here or something, then sell on when you're done with it.

    Going outside may be more interesting, but a turbo is better than getting fat and not enjoying being outside when you are fit again.

    You'll want a slick tyre on whatever you get, they'll eat knobblies, and be very noisy.
  • I'm in a similar position after knee surgery. Bought myself an excercise bike on offer from Tesco of all places. Cost me £20.
    It's shlt, but it's a means to an end. I'll use it to get me into shape again, get movement back etc, then it can live in the garage, or the charity shop as I know I'll never use it again once I'm able to get out on the bikes again.
  • jsyncjsync Posts: 120
    edited January 2012
    Thanks for the replies.

    It's going to be 11 weeks tomorrow since the break but it doesn't seem top be healing very well. I have an appointment with the consultant tomorrow, which is lucky as I have just noticed the movement in the plate so I envisage another op is on the cards. I was ready to go back on the road next week but I think under the circumstances it'd be better to wait as the vibration may be an issue.

    I too have a cheap exercise bike but the saddle is murder on my bum and I'd rather be on my own bike. I hadn't realised that I'd need a different tyre, so worth factoring in on the cost. I had assumed I'd pick up a dusty one from ebay and sell it on when I'm back together. Although if I got an exercise bike I could at least hang my washing on it.....
  • delcoldelcol Posts: 2,848
    you be fine using a knobby both my turbo trainers have mtbs with knobies on,, yeah they make a bit of a din and yeah some tyres get chewed up but you can get away with it..
  • sniper68sniper68 Posts: 2,910
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    They're Sh!t.
    Here endeth the lesson :lol:
  • jsync wrote:
    Thanks for the replies.

    I too have a cheap exercise bike but the saddle is murder on my bum and I'd rather be on my own bike. ....

    I'm with you 100% on that one. The saddle on ours is big enough to park a bus on, still working on a way round that.

    Good luck with your recovery anyway, whatever you end up going with.
  • I recently swapped from my trusty Tacx Sirius Soft Gel to a Kinetic Rock n Roll. The prio one was alright, but I found I got bored easily.

    The new one is much, much better. Feels much more realistic than the old one, as you aint locked upright!..
  • jsyncjsync Posts: 120
    Good news!

    I have been to the consultant and the xray shows it is healing well. The movement in the plate is due to flex in the overhang as the breaks were very close to the end and physio has made me hold the bone in a different way. He said I can get on the bike, but not fall off again so the trainer isn't required.

    Thanks for your help.

  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    jsync wrote:
    He said I can get on the bike, but not fall off again
    I laughed when they said that to me.
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