Carbon frame build - Torque level

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To all those carbon owners out there.

I'm going to be building up from scratch my first carbon frame soon and I'm a little nervous about trashing the thing by over tightening the bolts

I am having the headset fitted professionally but everything else is down to me.
Tapered bb - I have torque wrench which goes from 10nm plus so I think around 40nm is about right but would like to hear if anyone else has another view.

Is 5nm enough for all of these. I've always gone by feel on Steel and alu and never had any damage or slippage but carbon freaks me out a bit
Band on front mech
rear mech
chain catcher
seat post clamp

Do I really need to blow £40 on a wrench that caters for -10nm or can I apply the same method that has served me well all these years?

Many thanks