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Orbea aqua 2009

ricey155ricey155 Posts: 233
edited January 2012 in Your road bikes
Hi all my Orbea aqua 2009 my 1st road bike after 37 years on the planet

no real uprades don't kill me for the SEAT i struggle with razor sharp seats ive tried riding through the censored pain but it never went away so went for a padded seat :D SPD pedals installed from new

really toying with an upgrade in the near future the bikes done around 2800 miles since i bought it April 2010 few layoffs for injury due to cricket / squash, im hitting it harder this year

toying also with cutting the stem down as it looks ugly what's the best way :?:



might be back soon with a new carbon job :mrgreen: we will see very soon
Endomondo: Russ Rice (Coventry area if anyone's out for a ride local ??) 18mph mark


  • Gazzetta67Gazzetta67 Posts: 1,890
    Not a bad looking bike for starters - Plus you dont see many Orbea`s around if any.

    Looks like a 60cm bike ???
  • ricey155ricey155 Posts: 233
    I couldn't say what size it is Gazzetta67 - all i know it fits my 6ft 2" frame nicely id guess it must be around that size, ive not looking into anything just rode it since i bought it :-)

    the bike has performed well with zero issues think im due an upgrade soon as im mad keen to keep the fitness / training going and the weather helps being dry in the UK

    ride is smooth on decent roads but harsh on bad roads, not sure what the carbon forks do really ?
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