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Trek 1.2 2011

Mike39496Mike39496 Posts: 414
edited January 2012 in Road buying advice
Hi i'm new to the forums and have been considering buying a road bike for a while.

I've come across a used trek 1.2 56cm frame at £300 and just wondered if this bike will fit me, i've had a look around the internet and can't find a good idea of size. I'm just under 6 foot and I have a 33" inside leg.

Also is this a good deal? I'm new to the whole buying used bikes idea. It has a computer and SPD's fitted too.




  • Mike39496Mike39496 Posts: 414
    Just a quick update, it's actually a 2010 model 1.2 not 2011.

  • Nik CubeNik Cube Posts: 311
    I am just under 6ft and ride a 56cm Cube (people always say by 1 size bigger with Cube) but it fits me just fine.

    The trek 1.2 at £300 even a 2010 model is a steal that bike was £600 new - I bougt my eldest son one as a going to uni present - nice bike
    Fcn 5
    Cube attempt 2010
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