Appropriate bike saddle to alleviate sciatic pain?

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Can anyone advise please on an appropriate saddle, brand and so forth to alleviate what appears to be sciatic pain in my left leg? I have suffered from this condition before and I can recognise some of the nerve compression symptoms common with this ailment. Anyhow, to reiterate, does anyone know of saddles and saddle types that can help with this. If it helps, I have been riding for about ten months and average about 150 miles or so a month, the bike itself being a trek alpha 2.1. Advance apologies if this is not the right forum. Many thanks!


  • Gazzetta67
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    Hi there. I have had sciatica in my right leg since october - I use a Flite saddle however i am thinking of getting a new saddle soon. If you have a Specialised dealer near you they can let you "Rent" a saddle for a week for you to try it out. They get you to sit on a foam pad and the guy measures the size of your sit bone and recommends the correct width saddle. It`s a good idea as you dont want to pay £100 for a saddle and your 1st ride and you feel as if your sitting on a razor blade :D