My first club ride....

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I found a local club after looking around for a few months. So with a little trepidation I set off this morning to Sunday ride meeting point. What a friendly bunch of riders.

I'd heard stories of newbies having to sit in the pack and kiss ass for weeks. My first ride and one of the established members was encouraging me to launch out of the pack and chase after a couple of breaks, and when I flew down a hill and powered up the otherside at the front, no one screamed at me. In fact, everyone didn't even seem to care, great fun!

The only rule they seemed to have was that if you did go honking off, you had to wait for the peleton at the next major junction (which is highly sensible)

Anyone in SE London (Greenwich / Bexley/ Lewisham area) I'd recommend as there are not any other clubs that I've managed to find.
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  • Glad you enjoyed it. Sounds like you had a great entry to the club!

    I picked up my first bike this weekend and will be hoping to get out with a local club myself soon.
  • Glad you enjoyed it, and interesting to see this appears to be the only club around there. I'm moving to Royal Arsenal next week so will try and get out for a ride with your club as soon as I can.
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    Hi Nick, welcome to LEC. Glad you enjoyed your first ride with us. I've been with the club for just over a year now and its the best thing I've ever done as I've made an awful lot of friends and improved my cycling considerably.

    Unfortunately couldnt make Sunday's ride (nor next week) but look forward to meeting you soon.
  • Hi i was on the very first club ride well over a year ago and decided to join Lec after the skyrides finished , i,m not from the area but after a couple of rides i liked the encouragement and friendly atmosphere of which then the club only had about six members.

    Even though the club has now grown to over 40 + that friendliness and encouragement still remains and as often as i can i make the 20 + mile drive over to join the club rides ,so even if it is not on your doorstep its worth a trip over to go on a club ride in and around some of the beautiful villages in Kent .

    Regards TomTom :D
  • I'd be intimidated that I'm too slow to do such a ride. Maybe one day when I'm less green and slow!
  • Thinking of coming along Sunday, not been on the bike for a couple of weeks but hopefully I won't get dropped! :evil: Eltham is where you's meet isn't it?